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Syndication Story

Originally posted on Mark Victor Young:
This is a poster/teaser designed for my last comic strip collaboration with Tim Levins, called Built to Last. Here’s the story of how it came about: When we sent out our strip Then Comes Marriage to the six or seven major syndicates, we had an amazing response. We had two development type offers and one request to see more strips. This beat all the form letters and the one or two encouraging handwritten comments we got in reply to Rivertown News hands down. We were ecstatic. We ended up going with the oldest, largest and (arguably) most prestigious syndicate’s development offer. Can you blame us? The caveat was that the Editor in Chief wanted us to change our concept by about 50%. He liked the married couple stuff, but he wanted to change James’s profession from writer to contractor. This would appeal to people in the home renovations demographic and help the newspapers sell Home Depot ads. We got it. Thus began an eighteen month ordeal of writing endless new scripts,…

Sunday Fun

Originally posted on Levins and Young:
As today marks the last Sunday of our Rivertown News run, we thought a formal thank-you was in order for our volunteer colorist. As previously mentioned, we didn’t do any official Sunday RN strips. But we thought it would be fun to add some color to a few regular strips to post on Sundays. The coloring was done by Christina from (aka Mark’s wife) using markers on printed scans which were then re-scanned and uploaded. She turned this around in record time and we appreciate her great-looking work. Now, please understand that these “colorized” strips are not canon, and were provided for entertainment purposes only (and in a fashion much classier than when Ted Turner tried to colorize Casablanca). You can see these colored strips at these links: week 1, 2, 3, and 4. Unfortunately, a scan of a scan of a scan loses some quality with each successive generation, and there was a little fuzziness around the edges. So today we are presenting the original strips for reference purposes (they are only a scan…