Is It Crap?

Funny thing about art. It’s subjective. That’s why, I think, it takes so much courage to be an artist. You confront the blank page with colour and line and say here. Here is what I think is beautiful/cool/interesting/uplifting/inspiring/worthy. Someone else will look at that exact same piece and say, ‘that’s crap.’ I looked at the piece below that I created in my art journal and said  it: crap. I started off experimenting with some ideas, hated them, and then kept trying to ‘fix’ it with what turned out to be many layers of, well, layers.

Here’s the funny thing. A few people (not everyone, mind you) have looked at this page that I think is crap and shared that it’s one of their favourites. WHAT?? So I ask you, do you love it or hate it? Indulge my curiosity. Take my poll below and weigh in. No hard feelings, I promise.

P1040391 P1040392 P1040393 P1040394


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