My Bargain Premium Art Supplies: Where to Buy and Save!

I admit it. I am an art supply junkie. Linda knows what I’m talking about (I LOVE Linda!). And while I love getting new supplies, I don’t like to pay full price. I bet you don’t, either. Because any money you save can just go towards more art supplies, am I right? Love that! I want to share with you some premium art supplies I’ve scored over the last few weeks that I am so glad I found at bargain prices! Happy shopping!

A large Moleskine sketch book for 20% off at Dick Blick’s!

(Double discount with a preferred customer card. Did you know this works online as well as in-store and that it’s free to sign up? It’s so worth the few seconds for this awesome extra discount!)


3 sets of Zig pens from Marker Supply:

set of12 for $19.99 (the set of 12 alone is discounted to $33 at

2 sets of 4 for $9.98 each (reg. price is $19)


I put the Zig pens in this clear case from Target. Only .29!

Precision scissors for $3.99 at Marshalls:

Clear Glaze pens for $4 for 2 (Jet Pens) and a tiny journal for $2 on clearance (Dick Blick)


Do you have any tips, tricks or stores that you can recommend for getting high-end art supplies at a discount? If so, please share by leaving a comment below… we thank you in advance!

If these deals are no longer active, click HERE for a list of these supplies from other sources.

xo, seena


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