Seena’s New Black & White Journal: Page One – Before and After

Hello everyone! Happy New Year! It’s my first post of the new year and I’m still reminding myself that it’s 2015. I know protocol says post every day (my cousin who works for the great oz, Google, said it so it must be true, right?), but honestly, how can art be authentic if we’re forcing ourselves to do regimented blog posts each and every day? I’ve actually stopped following a few artists on facebook, because their posts have become spam. (15 more days! 14 more days! 13 more days! Uggh.)

I had a great rest over the holidays and came home feeling rejuvenated. 2015 is going to be a great year I think. It was an embarrassment of art riches for me over the holidays, between gifts and boxing day sales. I’ll be sharing that with you, as well as some AMAZING books I’ve found, both for inspiration and collage.

Anyhoo, hubby and I went to Starbucks yesterday and I have to tell you the “Flat White” is my new favourite coffee. Love it! I brought the grey journal he gave me for Christmas in which I’m only journaling in black and white. It’s a fun challenge. Here’s the before and after of my first completed page. I painted in the white frame before I though to take the photo. Pardon my blueberry square:

Before pen work



After pen work



Wishing you all the best 2015 can bring. xo seena


16 thoughts on “Seena’s New Black & White Journal: Page One – Before and After

  1. What kind of pen do you use for the white part? I have been look for a strongly white and opaque pen for some time and keep striking out. This looks great!

    1. I have a few different white pens, so I know what you mean. They are not all created equal! I used a white sharpie paint pen as the border and missed a few spots. When I went back in with my extra fine tip Molotow white to touch up, I noticed it was much more opaque than the sharpie. I used the Molotow for the circles as well because I liked it so much, so I’d recommend that one. I also used the uniball white signo on the black collage which also was quite opaque. My other favourite is the white gelli pen for when a really fine tip is needed. Thanks so much for visiting and commenting!

  2. Loving this very much – I love working in black and white, and your page just rocks! What an inspiration. By the way, I’m with you on the post-every-day as spam, and have eliminated some as well for that very reason.

  3. This is absolutely Great Christina, Looks like a classic card. I really love the way you shaded the larger white circles, one of my obstacles. Love It !

    1. Thanks so for your enthusiasm! I never thought of it as a card, but it’s a good idea! I used a light grey Zig Clean Brush marker to create the shadow. I was fooling around in my art journal with shading circles. I’m going to post it just for you! Some of the shading worked better than others. Let me know what you think!

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