Has creativity been calling you? Perhaps you’re interested in creating mixed media art, zen tangles, collage, watercolours… maybe beginning an art journal of your own? I encourage you to try all of the above and them mix them up… there are no rules, remember.

I’ve experimented with and purchased more art supplies than my husband cares to count. Many people ask me, ‘what pen/paint/paper/fill-in-the-blank do you use when you do __?’ Because I get so excited when you connect with your creative spirit, going from “I could never do that” to “let me try it,” I’ve compiled a list of my favourite art supplies below. These are simply things I’ve used that I love and find give me great results. As a rule, I’ve never been disappointed in paying for quality supplies because I find they do indeed give you quality results.


  • Golden Gel Matte Medium   I use this as both a glue and sealant in mixed media. 
  • Omiyage   A wonderful Canadian store full of gorgeous paper products including affordable, authentic washi tape that sticks the way it’s supposed to.
  • Tombow Mono Adhesive

Books & Journals

Book Binding


Coloured Pencils

Artists‘ Crayons

  • Faber-Castell Gelatos   A cross between a water colour crayon and a pastel, these creamy pigment sticks are very versatile and well suited to many art mediums. And they are really fun to use!
  • Neo Colour II Artists’ Crayons The best price I’ve find anywhere.

Paint & Ink

Paint Pens (Acrylic)

Paper – Artist Grade

Paper – Decorative




Rubber Stamps





SHOPS: Bricks & Mortar

Because of the limited resources in my hometown, I tend to do a lot of my artsy shopping online, but these awesome bricks & mortar stores are where I go whenever I’m in their neighbourhood!

SHOPS: On-line

  • Artist & Craftsman Supply   This company is such a pleasure to work with. Top-notch customer service & discounted prices.
  • Dick Blick Art Materials   Huge assortment of fine art supplies at (usually) discounted prices.
  • eclectic papery   Wonderful selection of higher end paper crafting supplies.
  • JetPens   Mainly pens that you won’t find anywhere else. Love. This. Store.
  • joann fabric and craft stores   Some great brands here, esp. when you find them on sale!
  • joggles   15% off everything, all the time! A great selection of high-end brands.
  • Simon Says Stamp   Expensive, but a wide selection of paper crafting supplies.



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