Mixed Media Art Video: Watercolor Flower Tag

I love getting snail mail, don’t you? Not bills or flyers – I mean something addressed to me in someone’s handwriting, with stickers or colourful embellishments to grab my attention. And if that envelope is just the wee bit on the chubby side… well, who knows what goodies await?!

Just such an envelope was waiting for me last week. Excitement! Inspired to reciprocate, I pulled out my watercolours to finish creating a tag I’d started on another project. Here’s how it turned out. Have you every tried painting with watercolour? Let me know what you think!



Snail Mail From Artist Teesha Moore

It’s such a treat to receive snail mail these days. Not bills, but other more personal missives. Look at this package I received from Teesha Moore’s Etsy shop:


Seeing all that pretty washi tape peeking out of my mailbox filled me with happiness. So lovely! Inside were art journalling magazines featuring lots of Teesha’s art, some collage sheets and a set of Teesha’s discontinued rubber stamps.


And even a little surprise:



Teesha Moore has a brand new website. I absolutely love her art and have a feeling you will too, if you haven’t discovered her already!

Bargain Birdies

I was perusing some thrift store shelves recently and came across this box of manilla envelopes. So cool! For $3 I felt I couldn’t go wrong. No sooner were they on my desk then they started calling to me. Why I was inspired to put birds on the cover I don’t know, but I love the result!



The tree branches and trunk were created using the edge of a Distress Ink pad. I’m really happy with the tree bark bits left un-inked – it adds dimension. I knew I wanted to add some collaged leaves, so the stamped birdie images are just a place holder for the bird cut-outs coming up.


I restamped the bird images onto pages from an old dictionary and used distress inks to bring the birds to life. They aren’t ready to be glued down, though, because these birds need some shade and I want them in the foreground, not the background.


Here are my “leaves.” I used Distress Inks (once again!) in various greens to colour another dictionary page. Then I had fun ripping up the paper into leaf like shapes.


Golden’s fluid matte medium makes sure everything stays in place as I divvy up the shades of green for more visual interest.


It’s starting to look a little more tree-like. Don’t worry, those birds aren’t going to fade into the background!

Here there are, these beautiful birdies looking sharp amidst a shady tree. 20140724_17245120140724_172430

It makes me so happy to look at this little scene! I think the blue bird is my favourite. Which one is yours?

I have about 25 envelopes left… any ideas for what to do next?!20140724_172411

Tweet, Tweet

Do you ever feel like being creative, but are too tired or wired to start from scratch? Then you force yourself and you end up hating what you’ve done? The flow just isn’t there? I like to be prepared for those moments, because I hate hating my creations. There are no mistakes in art I keep telling my daughter, but tired and wired (at least for me) only strengthens my inner critic.

When I sit at my art desk and am not sure where to start, I like to play with stamps and create some custom artwork. Below I used Dina Wakley’s bird stamps and Dyan Reaveley’s leaf border stamps. I added branches with Golden acrylic ink in Quinacridone / Nickel Azo Gold #2301, one of my all-time favourite colours. I got a lot of oohs and ahhs as I was working on it, but I promise you it’s really quite simple to do! And man, do I love these birds!

P1040593 P1040592

Now the birds are singing. Planning to add branches under the birds.


Under the Sea

Do you have a plan when you sit down for some creative time? I usually don’t. This time, however, I knew I wanted to use this fish stamp. My first inking though, was upside down. That’s the silver fish. Since it’s one of my art journals, it’s a little hard to throw out. I was challenged to come up with an idea. What to do? Give her a mate and have them pucker up. (I drew in the pucker.) The rest of the page just flowed (pardon the water pun) after that. I think my favourite part is the glossy bubbles.