Prepping for Travel, Part 1

I’ll be away from home for a bit and, as I’m sure you can relate, I can’t go a day without making art. Being spoiled with a studio at home, how does one decide what precious resources to bring along? When inspiration strikes, the needed supplies must be at hand.

I got a new art journal (Moleskin) for 50% off on the weekend (ridiculous bargain!!) and wanted to bring it with me. Here are some (bad) photos of some images I’m laying down so I don’t have to bring every stamp with me. There are still plenty of blank pages for when none of my stamping inspires me!

Check back to see how I’m packing my inks and other art supplies. How do you prep for making art when on the move? Share your tips in the comment section below!


2 thoughts on “Prepping for Travel, Part 1

  1. Hi Christina, recently I had to trips to the West Coast and I got a new moleskin (sadly not 50% off) and a plastic box to put few of my supplies to be safe inside my luggage and I checked out. I took the moleskin and 2 or 3 pencils with me inside the plane, so I could do some writing and drawing during the trip. I love your stamps!

    1. Thanks for visiting, Elizabeth! Sometimes I need to be creative without having to think about it, so I find stamping a scene very helpful. Allows me to let loose with colour! I have used plastic containers also. Recently I purchased matching toiletry bags in the clearance section at Target which allows me to pack more stuff. Stay tuned for my next post!

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