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Prepping for Travel, Part 2

Once I got all that stamping out of my system I still had to narrow down my resources. Thankfully, I wasn’t flying so I could load up my suitcase. I like things to be organized or they get lost easily.  I found matching toiletry bags which hold the basics. Then I have a large tote for notebooks and paper as well as pens organized in lots of cases!

What containers do you use when you are making art on the move? I’d love to know what works for you!

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Kudos & love for: design, creativity, innovative thinking. A bit about "seena." It's a family nickname and I often use it interchangeably with my given name, forgetting that those who don't know me personally might be confused. For example, my Twitter handle is @seenayoung, but the blog is Christina Lorraine Young. My Etsy shop is StudioSeena. Christina or seena... it's all me!

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  1. Nancy Johnson says

    Great ideas for organizing and storage… your art and how it inspires! Nancy

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