Gelli Plate Address Labels

Recently, I needed to share my contact information with a number of people. The idea of writing it out 30+ times made me cringe. After deciding to print my information out on labels, I racked my brain about how to include some creativity. Here’s what I came up with: label sheets = sheets = pulling prints = GELLI PLATE! Here’s a pictorial…

P1040654P1040670P1040669P1040660P1040658P1040657P1040672P1040674When folks saw these they loved them and were dictating colour preferences. Three colours and a medium sized gelli plate made for a really easy process to jazz up boring address labels into something spectacular!




2 thoughts on “Gelli Plate Address Labels

  1. Love your labels Christina, it’s a great idea, instead of white simple labels to print addresses on gelli printed ones, just loved it!

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