Handmade Art Journals

When I first heard of making your own journal my first thought was, why would anyone do that when there are soooo many to choose from at the art store? Well, I’m now a convert. The luxury of being able to choose your own paper is so fantastic! Maybe I’ve just had one too many spray inks soak through the paper and ruin a piece of my artwork on the other side, but I love that I can buy my favourite paper, cut the paper as required and have a custom journal to work in.

Here are some of my handmade art journals (still working on the art inside!):


Then I took it  a step further and made a bound book using a vintage book cover – not nearly as difficult as I thought it’d be, thanks to a handy little discovery known as gaffer tape.

Front cover.
Front cover.

Here’s how I did it… (Click on the first pic for a gallery to appear.)

I plan on uploading a video tutorial soon. It may be a little easier to see this in action! I’d LOVE to see a handmade journal you’ve created!


8 thoughts on “Handmade Art Journals

  1. Love it Christina. It is definitely you in the art work and journal. I will try to get organized and show you what I can accomplish with your direction! You are such an artistic gal. 😊😍

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