Art Journal Page: The Thoughtful Mermaid

I’ve been lucky enough to participate in Jane Davenport’s and Teesha Moore‘s Mermaid Circus online workshop where we create, of course, mermaids! I want to share with you a couple of the many mermaids I’ve been working on. These pages aren’t quite finished as I find myself working on several pages at once, rather than completing a page before moving on to the next one.

While there’s a lot of mixed media in this class, these pages emphasize collage work. Let me tell you, I am LOVING collage! I have found the Tombow MONO Adhesive runner to be an invaluable tool. If you aren’t familiar with it yet, it’s basically double-sided tape on a runner. It’s quick and easy to use and allows you to avoid the bumps of glue from a stick and the drying time of a wet medium. Bonus: these are refillable, which cuts down on the replacement cost. I keep several refills around to keep the creative flow going!

thoughtful mermaid 1

yellow and blue mermaid

frog and tent

I hope you get inspired to create your own collage. I’d love to see it. Leave me a comment and pic below!

Click HERE for a list of the supplies I used.

xo, seena


4 thoughts on “Art Journal Page: The Thoughtful Mermaid

  1. Wonderful! Love how all the different collage elements come together. Inspiring too. I’ll have to try it. And, oh, yes! The Tombow Mono Adhesive is super! Just got it recently and love it. Thanks, Seena, for your inspiring work.

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