My Bargain Premium Art Supplies: Where to Buy and Save!

I admit it. I am an art supply junkie. Linda knows what I’m talking about (I LOVE Linda!). And while I love getting new supplies, I don’t like to pay full price. I bet you don’t, either. Because any money you save can just go towards more art supplies, am I right? Love that! I want to share with you some premium art supplies I’ve scored over the last few weeks that I am so glad I found at bargain prices! Happy shopping!

A large Moleskine sketch book for 20% off at Dick Blick’s!

(Double discount with a preferred customer card. Did you know this works online as well as in-store and that it’s free to sign up? It’s so worth the few seconds for this awesome extra discount!)


3 sets of Zig pens from Marker Supply:

set of12 for $19.99 (the set of 12 alone is discounted to $33 at

2 sets of 4 for $9.98 each (reg. price is $19)


I put the Zig pens in this clear case from Target. Only .29!

Precision scissors for $3.99 at Marshalls:

Clear Glaze pens for $4 for 2 (Jet Pens) and a tiny journal for $2 on clearance (Dick Blick)


Do you have any tips, tricks or stores that you can recommend for getting high-end art supplies at a discount? If so, please share by leaving a comment below… we thank you in advance!

If these deals are no longer active, click HERE for a list of these supplies from other sources.

xo, seena

Good Company

There is some wonderful global representation in the Guest Design Team that Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft® has selected this season, including designers from Korea, Russia, and India. What a wonderfully diverse selection of creativity! I’ve compiled their blogs here in a handy list so you, too, can be inspired by their amazing work and look forward to all the art and craft projects coming your way!


By Cataleya

Altered Upcycling

Neon Diary

Outside the Lines

Stampin’ Mindy’s Creative Clutter


Mixed Media Art in Italia

Sense Designer MIYAKE

Born to Mix the Media

DeeDee Catron

Crafty Little Pigtails

and Me!







I’ve started another art journal – a 5×8 Moleskine Sketchbook. I LOVE the thicker paper! No issues with using a wet brush on the Inktense pencils. It’s a smaller size than my normal 8×10 handmade journal. It’s a little easier to fill the page, but now there’s waaay more pages to fill! I’ve got a few pages in the works, but here’s one I just finished and wanted to share. I really like how the Pan Pastels soften everything. And that frog is just so dapper, don’t you think?


frog wisdom 2

frog wisdom 1 frog wisdom 3

frog wisdom 4

Click HERE for a list of the supplies I used to create this project!

xo, seena


This page has been staring at me for a while, unfinished. I kept thinking I needed to add something to all that blue space, but every time I sat down to do it something stopped me. I finally realized that I liked the page just the way it was. I was itching to add some hand lettering when it was “finished” the collage, but no sooner did I put signo pen to paper then out popped the sentiment below. I do realize happiness isn’t spelled with a “y,” but took some artistic license before the hyphen. My journal page, my rules! I may go in and add some shadowing to the letters, but I’ll see how I feel. By the by, that picture of the coffee is one I took of my actual cappuccino in Sorrento, Italy a couple of summers ago. Doesn’t it look delicious?




Book Cover Art


Here is the book cover I helped designed for my talented writer-husband, Mark Victor Young, who will be releasing his novel on Wattpad sometime in the upcoming week. Designing digitally is a newish art form for me and it was a lot of fun. I used geli plate art for the background and Mark had some input on the overall design. He’d love to know what you think of the cover. Click on his name to leave a comment or leave one here with me and let me know what you think!

Prepping for Travel, Part 2

Once I got all that stamping out of my system I still had to narrow down my resources. Thankfully, I wasn’t flying so I could load up my suitcase. I like things to be organized or they get lost easily.  I found matching toiletry bags which hold the basics. Then I have a large tote for notebooks and paper as well as pens organized in lots of cases!

What containers do you use when you are making art on the move? I’d love to know what works for you!

Just Wandering?

I made my own art journal using hot press water-colour paper and it’s wonderful to work in. The video tutorial, by the wonderful Teesha Moore, is on my Youtube channel. I find that higher quality acrylic paints (Golden, Tri-Art) are easier to write on because my pens don’t get caked up in paint so they write fluidly on the acrylic background. I’d love it if you’d leave me a comment and let me know what you think.